Design at Wood Bros

All our designs are unique to Wood Bros and are developed at our Design Studio here in Ware, Hertfordshire. The Design Studio designs quality, function and style into our products from the outset, supported by a team of experienced craftsmen and prototypers.

We take pride in our design and manufacturing heritage which stretches over 90 years, from the mahogany reproduction antiques of the 20’s through the glass fibre shells of the 60s to the hardwoods of the present day.

All our materials, from character timber and bespoke fittings to hand soldered lead lights and fabrics, are sourced from the highest quality suppliers all over the world. Wood Bros’ commitment to design and craftsmanship, responsible sourcing and consistent high standards are reflected in our brand ethos ‘ Designed for Living.. guaranteed for Life’

We are proud of our products, designers and our manufacturing team and we hope you will enjoy the furniture!