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View a great selection of clearance items across cabinet furniture and upholstery. These items are ex-display, returns and seconds.

Depending what’s convenient, you can either collect the items (Mon-Fri only) or we can arrange delivery to a location of your choice (mainland UK) for an additional fee.

Please ensure you visit the factory outlet and view the items as all products are sold as seen. All items are ex-display, seconds or returns. If you are looking for new furniture in a specific fabric or finish then please visit your local retailer.

For information simply email us at Customer Services or alternatively call us on 01920469241.

Our Wood Bros Factory Outlet is situated in Ware.

Wood Bros
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Wood Bros Factory Outlet Clearance List

Last Updated: 2018-04-25 13:07:34

Model/FabricCodeDescriptionCommentsWood FinishQtyRRPWBFO PriceSOLD
Prototype Footstool in Cream/Grey Spotted FabricPrototypeLight Oak Traditional124949
Prototype Armchair in Harlequin CaramelPrototypeChestnut Traditional192999
BLK1400BT30BWESBlakeney Armchair in Wentworth SmokeEx-displayTudor Brown Traditional1949299
BLK1400VT30CLCABlakeney Armchair in Loxley CandyDiscontinuedVintage Traditional1979299
BLK1490LT30ABAXBlakeney Recliner in BaxterEx-displayLight Oak Traditional11309299
HED2613VTHertford Extending Dining Table and 4 Hertford Dining Chairs in Harlequin CaramelDiscontinuedVintage Traditional12075799
HED2616VT & HE6021VTHertford 2 Door Sideboard and 2 Door Dresser TopDiscontinuedVintage Traditional11678799
HED6024VTHertford Writing TableDiscontinuedVintage Traditional1589179
HED6026VTLamp TableDiscontinuedVintage Traditional1289249
HED6031VTNarrow Bookcase with Magazine RackDiscontinuedVintage Traditional1689599
HEM140/OOBCHIHemsby Armchair in Chichester NauticDiscontinuedVintage Traditional11009339
HEM260/OOAHAOHemsby Medium Sofa with Harringey OatmealDiscontinuedVintage Traditional11699149
HIG0001NTHint Round Dining TableDiscontinuedNatural1599279
HIG0002NTHint Spindle Dining ChairDiscontinuedNatural419999
HIG0008NTHint SideboardDiscontinuedNatural1749349
HIG0018PRHint Bookcase with DrawersDiscontinuedPolar1899349
HIG0020GRHint Side TableDiscontinuedGraphite117979
HIG0021PRHint Wine TableDiscontinuedPolar117979
HIG0023PRHint Lean To Media UnitDiscontinuedPolar1729299
HIG0026NTHint Sofa TableDiscontinuedNatural117979
LAV1110CT40CHARLavenham Benchstool in Harlequin RubyEx-displayChestnut Traditional1619199
LAV1110CT40DLPELavenham Benchstool in Loxley PebbleEx-displayChestnut Traditional1609199
LAV1110LT40CPOPLavenham Benchstool in PoppyEx-displayLight Oak Traditional1609199
LAV1110VT40AMSELavenham Benchstool in Manor SepiaEx-displayVintage Traditional1609199
LAV1400LT40BSUBLavenham Armchair in SubwayEx-displayLight Oak Traditional21019329
LAV2300FT40AWHCLavenham Loveseat in Whisper ChalkDiscontinuedFumed Oak Traditional11239399
LAV2300LT40DLFLLavenham Loveseat in Loxley FloralDiscontinuedLight Oak Traditional11599399
LAV2600BT30BWELSPEWLavenham Medium Sofa in Wentworth Linen and Tuscany PewterDiscontinuedTudor Brown Traditional12329599
LAV2600VT30BXXXSPEWLavenham Medium Sofa in Grade B Fabric Not In Swatch and Tuscany PewterDiscontinuedVintage Traditional12329599
LAV2600VT30DLFLLavenham Medium Sofa in Loxley Floral and 2 scatter cushions in Loxley CandyDiscontinuedVintage Traditional12149499
LD2937CN2 Drawer Lamp TableDiscontinuedCorn1349169
LD2938CNPedestal CabinetDiscontinuedCorn1449199
LD2940CN2 Drawer Coffee TableDiscontinuedCorn1729339
LD2944CNTall Chest Of DrawersDiscontinuedCorn1849379
LD2945CNDrinks CabinetDiscontinuedCorn11059469
LD2946CNHall TableDiscontinuedCorn1569259
LD2947CNTV CabinetDiscontinuedCorn1709329
LD2948CNCorner TV CabinetDiscontinuedCorn1719319
LD2957CN / LD2958CN00BSSTExt. Dining Table and 4 Dining Chair in Symphony StripeDiscontinuedCorn11675699
LD2958CN00BSSTDining Chair in Symphony StripeDiscontinuedCorn2239109
MD9036NT/Prototype ChairsMark Dohl Table and 4 Chairs in Brown Corduroy FabricDiscontinuedNatural11999699
OCH1631LTOld Charm 2 Door Sideboard with Traditional FittingsEx-displayLight Oak Traditional11259399
OCH2075BT10SKREOld Charm Filing Cabinet with Traditional Fittings and Red SkiverReturnTudor Brown Traditional11489399
OCH2117BHOld Charm Bookcase 3 Wooden ShelvesEx-displayTudor Brown Heritage11469399
OCH2277BT and OCH2826BTOld Charm Buckingham Dresser with Traditional Fittings and Old Charm Sideboard with Traditional FittingsSlight colour variationTudor Brown Traditional14058999
OCH2441VHOld Charm Corner TV CabinetVintage Heritage11329399
OCH2657LTOld Charm Hall TableDiscontinuedLight Oak Traditional1375179
OCH2666VTOld Charm Bookcase Open 3 Wooden ShelvesEx-displayVintage Traditional11109319
OCH2755FTOld Charm TV BaseEx-displayFumed Oak Traditional11139349
OCH2793FTOld Charm Low Open Bookcase with Artisan FittingsDiscontinuedFumed Oak Traditional11389389
OCH2799FT10Old Charm DVD Cabinet with Artisan FittingsEx-displayFumed Oak Traditional1579199
OCH2845FT10Old Charm 3 Door Sideboard with Artisan FittingsDiscontinuedFumed Oak Traditional11889499
OCH2950BHOld Charm Windsor Dining ChairSlight colour variationTudor Brown Heritage6529119
OCH2950CHOld Charm Windsor Dining ChairSlight colour variationChestnut Heritage2529119
OCH247200CH/OC2950BHAldeburgh Oval Table in Chestnut Heritage and 4 Old Charm Windsor Dining Chairs in Tudor Brown HeritageChestnut Heritage/Tudor Brown Heritage13825799
PKG140LT30EPSEPickering Armchair in Paisley SeaLight Oak Traditional11079599
PKG200LT30CPABPickering Compact Sofa in Parsons BayLight Oak Traditional11669899
WEY1400BT40CHARWeybourne Armchair in Harlequin RubyEx-displayTudor Brown Traditional11109349
WEY1400LT40AHANWeybourne Armchair in HanoverEx-displayLight Oak Traditional1949299
WEY2000CT40AMOUWeybourne Compact Sofa in Moulton AmberEx-displayChestnut Traditional11459449