About our Repair & Refurbishment Services

Refresh or repair your favourite and treasured Wood Bros furniture today!

Wood Bros has been making quality cabinet furniture and upholstery for over 95 years. Based in Ware, Hertfordshire, we are a family-run company that is prepared to go the extra mile for its customers.

Wood Bros furniture is well known for its durable build quality and every care is taken in our manufacturing process. However, even the most stalwart design is prone to wear and tear over time and could possibly benefit from a refurbishment makeover! By re-polishing cabinet and refurbishing dining chairs you will extend their life span and maintain the beauty of the materials – as well as being environmentally mindful and saving your pennies!

We are also aware that sometimes accidents do happen. That water leak from the upstairs bathroom, dumping gallons of water on your beautiful dining table in the downstairs dining room, causing staining and discoloration. That accidental tear in the fabric seat of your favourite dining carver chair.  Contact us today to discuss the alternatives for repair.

The process for repair and refurbishment is simple and easy:

How our Service Works

  • Contact us by phone or email to discuss your specific requirements
  • Options for refurbishment include dining chair re-upholstery and filling and complete re-polishing and repairing on cabinet
  • To begin the process we will need to identify your furniture and usually ask for a photograph of it to help us. Our records go back 90 years so we are reasonably confident that, if it is made by us, we will find it!
  • In order to advise you of a cost, we will need to physically inspect the product. This will involve us collecting your furniture for a fee from £50.00 
  • Our workshop will then assess the job and we will contact you with a quote
  • Once you have given us written confirmation we will go ahead with the work or, if our services are not required, then we will return your furniture to you
  • The process usually takes approximately 6 weeks depending on the level of work to be done

* PLEASE NOTE: The repair and refurbishment service is only available throughout England and Wales. Unfortunately we are not able to offer this service in Scotland, Ireland or the Channel Isles.

Dining Chairs Reupholstery Service – Additional Information

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