Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise
March 22, 2019 Lloyd
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Young Enterprise is a national business contest that aims to develop the skills and competencies of young people so they can move into the world of work with success. Each team has a volunteer Business Advisor and a teacher from their school to guide them.

Overall, the programme aims to encourage problem solving, communication, teamwork, resilience, confidence, initiative, organisation and creativity.

We enjoy supporting local young people, and so when one of the teams approached us we were happy to help.

Young Entrepreneurs

Each team forms a student company where one pupil is a CEO, and other positions such as Designer, Finance Director or Human Resources Director are assigned. These companies are then registered on the Young Enterprise platform.

Our local team was Stand Up from Presdales Girls School, whose concept was a device holder. Simple in design, these products were created to hold any device from smartphones to tablets. As with any legitimate business, there was a whole process from inception to finished product.

First was the idea; with portable electronic devices being so popular today, the team thought that a product based around this would be successful. After experimenting with a few ideas, Stand Up settled on the device holder that they entered the competition with.

The designer came up with some sketches showing what the product would look like and how it would function, before the team had a prototype made from a cheaper material. It was at this point they came to us. We made a prototype of their design out of oak. This gave them a chance to see how the finished product would look and feel.

We then created 30 of the final product for Stand Up, and with the packaging, name and branding that they had created, it was ready to sell at a trade show at the Howard Centre in Welwyn Garden City.

The product proved a success here, where not only were Stand Up the Winners, but they also won the Best Trade Stand and the Innovation and Creativity Awards.

To find out more about Young Enterprise, click here.

Stand Up from Presdales School in Ware

Terry and Heather from Wood Bros assisted the team