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Why Wool? Harris Tweed and Abraham Moon Why Wool? Harris Tweed and Abraham Moon

Why wool?

Benefits of wool on upholstery and accessories


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Wool fibre has a naturally spring-like curl that makes woollen fabrics hard to tear, wrinkle or harden. So, rest assured, your Wood Bros upholstery will endure, keep its shape and good looks for many, many years to come.

Here’s another nugget: the wool fabrics in our upholstery have a plump appearance providing a softer, deeper, more comfortable ‘sit’ than seats made with more robust textiles such as an acrylic/polyester mix.


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Wool is completely renewable, sheep produce a new fleece annually and that fact means your pure wool purchases are not only planet-friendly but are helping to sustain the wool industry around the world.


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We’re fans of chemistry too. Wool is made up of nitrogen and water which makes it a natural fire retardant. It also burns exceptionally slower than other materials, a property lauded by fire-fighters. All in all, Wool is not only a natural life-saver, its unique qualities cannot be matched by man-made fabrics.

Insulator & Breathable

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Wool-enriched environments reduce the spread of sound and heat from one room to another creating a perfect equilibrium. On the one hand, you’ll worry less about disturbing your neighbours and on the other you’ll be making great savings on your energy bills.

Wool breathes during warmer months, keeping you cool while you’re relaxing on your favourite Wood Bros armchair or sofa, you’ll come to believe as we do that Wool is truly a fabric for all seasons.

One more thing, additionally we offer Bronte by Moon wool throws which retain heat and can regulate your body temperature, keeping you or your family snug and warm in colder months.

Easy care

wool upholstery fabric, easy care wool

Wool fibre is almost impenetrable. Mopping up spills and vacuuming away dust resting on the surface of your upholstery is then so easy. It also means your Wood Bros upholstery will continue to look great!

Looking for how to wash wool, click here.

Safe Solution

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Natural wool is hypoallergenic. Once you vacuum or dry clean your Wood Bros upholstery, irritants that might trigger respiratory illnesses and skin allergies are removed. In addition, upholstery – as part of a wool-enriched environment – can reduce fatigue and other illnesses in you and your loved ones.

Another reason to love Wool – it’s a great advocate for healthier living.

Why Wool? A Guide to Wood Bros Upholstery and Dining

You’ve purchased a Wood bros sofa from one of our retailers and want to know how to keep the wool in good condition. You have to take care of wool to keep it fresh but doesn’t take too long. The woolmark company product care brochure has in depth care instructions, include how to remove spillage marks – Wool mark care brochure

At Wood Bros, design is central to what we do which has inspired us to create many admired, durable collections over the years. Even today, you can see and touch our brand’s unique characteristics and values, particularly in the quality, style and innovation of our pure Wool upholstery collections – ideal for modern living. We are wild about wool. Take a peek of some of our wool armchairs


To read more on wool manufacturers we promote and the wool campaign we support click on either Abraham Moon,  Harris Tweed or The Campaign for Wool

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Moon brand





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