Trust in Quality – Moon and National Trust

Trust in Quality – Moon and National Trust
June 7, 2019 Lloyd

The National Trust Collection, made by Abraham Moon

We have been offering Abraham Moon’s beautiful wools for some time now and they have proven themselves to be very popular. But now some new colours and patterns have been made available through a collaboration with the National Trust. The new swatch takes its inspiration from National Trust properties, which makes a wonderfully unique British collection.

These stunning swatch additions can be used on our upholstery designs and dining chairs to add a splash of colour with a great story behind it! Take a look at our full upholstery range to find a design for you, and as always you can order up to 5 free fabric samples here.

Inspired by History

Take a look at the pictures below; it is easy to see the connection between property and pattern. Each property has its own unique character and history which is reflected well in the wools. Read on to find out more about each property.

National Trust collection made by Abraham Moon

Little Moreton Hall

Located in Cheshire, Little Moreton Hall is a half-timbered manor house. The building started between 1504-8, and various stages were added and completed up until 1610. It stands on an island surrounded by a moat, not designed for defence but rather as a status symbol. The beams cover the building in beautiful geometric patterns, reflected in the herringbone pattern featured in the fabrics.

The property features a knot garden, as well as herbs, fruits and vegetables that the Tudors would have used themselves. For more information on Little Moreton Hall click here.

Moon National Trust Little Moreton Hall
Moon National Trust Killerton Estate

Killerton Estate covers 6,400 acres. The colours in the Killerton fabrics reflect the wisteria and colours of the building and surrounding nature

Killerton House

Killerton House and Estate dates back to the 18th century, and can be found in Exeter, Devon. Within the house is a display of costumed that date from the 18th-20th centuries, and it is open to the public.

The beautiful garden features magnolias, rhododendrons and formal lawns, and one can easily wander round admiring the scenery here for a long time.

The Killerton House fabrics are full of the character of the place itself; the colours reflect the plants such as wisteria and ivy, as well as the colour of the exterior of the house.

Mr Straw’s House

This property may look like nothing special from the outside, but stepping through the front door is like walking into a time capsule. The inside of the house has been practically untouched since the 1920s. The display shows how Mr Straw’s family lived many years ago. They chose to forgo modern comforts, and many of the possessions are exactly where they were left by the family.

Outside of the house is a greenhouse which displays Mr Straw’s cactus collection, as well as some fruit trees which the family would have used to make their own food.

Moon National Trust Mr Straw's House

The inside of Mr Straws House has been practically untouched since the 1920s. The lavender provides a beautiful palette for fabrics

Moon National Trust Montacute House

Montacute House's many windows are reflected in the various shades of Montacute wools

Montacute House

The National Trust describes this property as “a masterpiece of Elizabethan Renaissance architecture and design,” and it is easy to see why. Montacute house is visually stunning, built as a show of not only wealth but also of ambition and showmanship.

The building itself is made of ham stone which was locally sourced, and its many windows are reflected clearly in the Montacute fabrics.

The surrounding gardens change throughout the year, but always provide a beautiful setting for enjoying a leisurely walk.

Snowshill Manor

Perhaps the most interesting and unique property mentioned, Snowshill Manor features an eclectic collection amassed over Charles Wade’s lifetime. Thousands of items are displayed, including samurai armour, musical instruments, toys and much, much more.

The Priest’s House was ware Wade lived while he grew his collection in the Manor. This is also on display, but beware – it is said to be haunted…

Moon National Trust Snowshill Manor

Snowshill Manor in the Cotswolds contains the lifetime collections of items including samurai armour, musical instruments and much more

For more information

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