Top Ways to Accessorise Your Home

Top Ways to Accessorise Your Home
October 8, 2019 Lloyd
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Accessorise the Right Way

To accessorise is to bring a room to life – no longer is it just a space with furniture, it can now be so much more. It is style, it is personal, it is yours. With our tips below you can make sure your room is beautifully styled with accessories that complement the room perfectly.

#1 – Picture frames

Go into anybody’s living room and you’ll find the same thing – photos. Families, children, pets; they are displayed on any available surface and wall. But the picture frames are just as important as the photos themselves.

If you have a lot of wood in your room, try to match the colour of the picture frames to tie them in. Otherwise they can look a bit odd and out of place. You can also try hanging them at different heights to fill the space in a quirky way.

But you don’t just have to frame pictures – cross stitches, sheet music, drawings, even wallpapers – these can all look beautiful and start a conversation too.

#2 – Throws

Throws are more than just protection for your sofas. They can be used to accessorise and bring a great splash of colour to a room. Of course as the evenings start to draw in, they are great to snuggle up in with a hot chocolate too!

Pick a colour that complements your current room for a pleasing tonal aesthetic, or a pop of contrasting colour for a bit of interest.

We have a range of Moon wool throws on offer – click here to view the collection.

#3 – Vases

These can be used in absolutely any room of the house; fresh yellow flowers in the kitchen, some twigs and faux flowers in the bathroom, or even fill them with seaglass and fairy lights. Vases can be regularly updated with fresh and seasonal flowers and items – why not try pinecones and poinsettias at Christmas and seashells and sand in the summer?

But even that’s not all – check out our Pinterest board at the bottom of this post for even more ideas on how to fill your vase!

#4 – Lighting

Both ceiling lights and lamps are great ways to bring a room together. So many classic and contemporary designs are available today that it may be hard to know where to start! Take a look at your furniture – what is the style? If it is classic such as Old Charm, a simple traditional light may be best, whereas if you are more industrial, copper pipes and Edison bulbs.

If you are looking for a floor lamp to complement your Old Charm, click here.

Lampshades also make a difference – there are many shapes, sizes, colours and designs to choose from, and it can become confusing. Try to pick one that complements your colours so that it fits into the scheme. The shape of shade you choose depends on the style of lamp. Something traditional may call for an Empire shade, but a modern, compact lamp would look better with a Drum.

Our drum lampshades come in 3 sizes, and are available in all of our Moon and Harris Tweed wools! Click here to learn more.

#5 – Cushions

This is a great and easy way to bring more life to your upholstery. Bolsters and scatters are not only great for comfort but also for accessorising. Simple, plain colours are perfect on busier sofas and vice versa, to great effect. Once again you can choose to complement or contrast with your current sofa for pops of colour. Click here to view our cushion options.

You can even mix colours with patchwork cushions – click here.

Looking for more inspiration?

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Framed Sheet Music

Framing sheet music adds interest to a room

100% wool Moon throws are a beautiful way to accessorise your upholstery

We have a huge choice of Moon and Harris Tweed wools in 3 sizes of lampshade. Click the image for more information

Moon wool Patchwork Cushions go well with a variety of colours. Click the image to view more