Things to Do on an Autumn Evening

Things to Do on an Autumn Evening
November 2, 2019 Lloyd
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The long, golden days of summer are almost over – it’s that time of year when the evening begins drawing in and the cold weather returns once more. But even though it isn’t the weather to go out you can lighten up the dingy dusk yourself with plenty of fun! Here are our top ideas of how you can keep yourself amused through the autumn and winter evenings.

#1. Have a movie evening

Either by yourself, with a loved one, your family or friends this is a great (and inexpensive) option. All you need is plenty of seating, some popcorn and snacks, and of course a classic blockbuster. With the rise of technology almost any film you wish to see can be found on a number of streaming websites like Netflix so you don’t even need a DVD player.

For movie recommendations you can use and choose your mood!

#2. Cook

Why not experiment a little in the kitchen? Try that recipe you’ve always looked at, bake a huge cake and decorate it, or just cook a simple meal for your significant other. If you’re feeling up for it why not invite some friends over for the evening and cook for the whole group? Websites such as BBC Good Food have plenty of recipes to suit every taste.

#3. Go to a show or concert

There really are loads of options here – comedy, talks, concerts, pantomimes, musicals… find what you like and get there!

A lot of places will offer package deals of a meal plus tickets for a discounted rate.

#4. Go bowling

Get a group of friends together and head to the local bowling alley. If you’re competitive you can place bets with the loser having to pay for a round of drinks!

#5. Play board games

It might be best to avoid Monopoly with all the arguments it causes, but this is a great social evening. Get friends or family to bring a game or two with them, stick on some music, grab some snacks and you’re all set!

#6. Find an Escape Room

Escape rooms are hugely popular at the moment. The idea is that you are locked in a room with a group of friends and have a time limit to solve clues and get out! This is a great way to spend an evening and really gives you a sense of achievement at the end (if you manage to get out, of course!).

#7. Arts and crafts evening

Whether it be drawing, cross-stitching, painting, knitting, papercrafts or anything else arty and crafty, why not make a night of it? If you have children or grandchildren having an arts and crafts evening will definitely score you some brownie points with them!

#8. Hot chocolate

Add a drop of mint, or perhaps some cinnamon, to add more flavours. Try more milk, less milk, marshmallows, cream – whatever you like! Once you’ve crafted your creamy creation, snuggle under a blanket and enjoy it! For more inspiration check out our Pinterest board!

#9. Take up a new hobby

There are all sorts of clubs and groups across the country for almost every interest! You could learn to paint, sing, play an instrument, arrange flowers or build a car. You might join an enthusiasts group for cars, bikes, guitars, movies or music. Perhaps sign up to classes for ballroom dancing, pottery, IT skills, magic or knitting. Whatever you want to learn, go ahead and try it!

#10. Entertain

Have guests over and entertain! Host a dinner, play charades, play party games and have a good old fashioned catch up. After all, there’s no place like home!

Hopefully these tips will help keep the boredom away this winter! How do you like to have fun on a dark, miserable evening? Let us know in the comments!

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