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Red Leather, Yellow Leather

Red Leather, Yellow Leather
February 15, 2019 Lloyd
In Fabric, Furniture, Interior Design

Not all leathers are created equal

It’s no surprise that leather is a perennial favourite for upholstery, and it is a great choice for lots of reasons.

Quality is Key

There are many types of leathers used for upholstery from pure aniline top grain, which is the most expensive, to fully corrected leathers. Our Veneto leather is a semi-aniline high quality leather which we believe gives us the best of both worlds; the beautiful natural leather is treated with aniline dyes for a rich colour and increased durability. Veneto also features a wax pull-up which gives the leather a mellow and subtly aged appearance, ideal for upholstery.


Testing, testing

To ensure that our leather is strong and long-lasting, it undergoes 3 tests:

Flex test

The leather is flexed up to 50,000 times to to determine the resistance of the finish to cracking, and to make sure that the adhesion of the finish to the leather is satisfactory

Rub Test

The leather is dry rubbed up to 500 times, and wet rubbed 250 times. This is to look for any change in colour or colour staining, as well as damage to the surface of the leather

Abrasive test

Finally, the leather is tested up to 1000 cycles for wear performance and any changes in the colour

As well as the above tests, checks are also carried out to ensure continuation of colour between batches and the softness of the leather. To see some of these processes in action, play the video to the right.


Why choose leather?

  • Leather is tough but flexible, meaning that it naturally resists punctures and tears. Due to its natural properties, it remains strong even around seams. It is also resistant to spills and dirt, and can often be cleaned merely by wiping it with a damp cloth.
  • It looks beautiful and outlasts fabric upholstery 4 to 1, making it a great choice for families with children and just about anyone else really! Leather furniture becomes stronger with time; even a scuffed and scratched leather sofa can add character to a room.
  • Leather colours keep their richness and brightness due to a special dyeing process, so there is no need for a polyurethane coating. The material absorbs the colour because it is dyed.
  • Leather is easy to clean –  just wipe off the dust and dirt, vacuum once in a while and you’re done.
  • Underneath its sensual, tactile exterior, leather is long-lasting and only gets better with age (a bit like me, really). It fits in with almost any home decor style and will give you years of use.

See for yourself

You can order up to 5 free samples by clicking here, and see the quality for yourself. Otherwise, why not visit our showroom on Marsh Lane in Ware, and see our full swatch and furniture collections.