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Accent footstool

Arncliffe armchair

Arncliffe compact 2 seater sofa

Bayford 3 seater

Bayford armchair

Bayford compact sofa

Blakeney armchair

Blakeney compact sofa

Burnham armchair

Burnham compact 2 seater sofa

Clayton armchair

Darley armchair

Darley armchair

Darley large sofa

Darley loveseat

Darley medium sofa

Darley medium sofa

Deepdale large sofa

Deepdale snuggler

Deepdale medium sofa

Deighton armchair

Gunthorpe armchair

Langton armchair

Langton compact sofa

Lavenham armchair

Lavenham bench stool buttoned

Lavenham bench stool plain

Lavenham small bench stool

Lavenham large sofa

Lavenham loveseat

Lavenham medium sofa

Mini footstool

Pickering armchair

Pickering compact 3 seater sofa

Pickering compact sofa

Sofa collection footstool

Storage footstool diamond

Storage footstool square

Watton armchair

Watton sofa

Weybourne armchair

Weybourne compact 2 seater sofa

Weybourne large sofa

Weybourne medium sofa

Antique rose

Arctic Fabric


herringbone upholstery fabric, grey herringbone

Arran grey wool

herringbone upholstery fabric, sage herringbone

Arran sage wool

herringbone upholstery fabric, teal herringbone

Arran teal wool

herringbone upholstery fabric, yellow herringbone

Arran yellow wool

Aztec rust

Banchory mustard wool

Banchory natural wool

baxter fabric, upholstery fabric, beige upholstery fabric


Benjamina Cloisters Archive fabric, patterns upholstery fabric

Benjamina cloisters archive

Benjamina Cloisters Parchment fabric, yellow pattern upholstery fabric

Benjamina cloisters parchment

Benjamina cloisters ruby

Benjamina diamond parchment

Benjamina diamond ruby

Benjamina tapestry archive

Benjamina tapestry parchment

Benjamina tapestry ruby

biscuit parquet fabric, stone upholstery fabric

Biscuit parquet

biscuit plain fabric, beige upholstery fabric,

Biscuit plain

Check topaz wool

Claret stripe

Dark bronze

downham earth fabric, dark grey upholstery fabric

Downham earth

Elgin grey wool

Elgin sage wool

Elgin teal wool

Elgin yellow wool

Finchley natural

Fleck ivory wool

Fleck Lichen fabric, green upholstery fabric

Fleck lichen wool

Fleck mushroom wool

Fleck Natural fabric, beige upholstery fabric

Fleck natural wool

Grenadina teastain

Haringey Natural fabric,

Haringey natural

Herringbone charcoal wool

Herringbone denim wool

Herringbone forest wool

Herringbone Gold fabric, yellow upholstery fabric

Herringbone gold wool

Herringbone Hessian fabric, grey upholstery fabric, grey herringbone fabric

Herringbone hessian wool

Herringbone moss wool

Herringbone slate wool

Herringbone topaz wool

holkham earth fabric, dark grey upholstery fabric,

Holkham earth

Kelso natural wool

Kerala natural

Kerala rust

Killerton gold wool

Killerton heather wool

Killerton rouge wool

Kilt yellow wool

Large Herringbone Rust fabric, red upholstery fabric

Large herringbone rust wool

Little moreton hall gold wool

Little moreton hall rouge wool

Little moreton hall sage wool

Loxley floral

Montacute aqua wool

Montacute gold wool

Montacute heather wool

Montacute rouge wool

Montacute sage wool

moss fabric, green upholstery fabric


Mr straws house aqua wool

Mr straws house heather wool

Mr straws house sage wool

Natural kelim

Oatmeal check wool

old gold fabric, yellow upholstery fabric, warm yellow upholstery fabric

Old gold

Paisley claret wool

Plaid multi wool

Plaid taupe wool

Raphaella carmine

Raphaella grey

Raphaella olive

Small check sage wool

Snowshill sage wool

soft seaspray fabric, green upholstery fabric, green upholstery

Soft seaspray

Southwold natural

Southwold shell

stone parquet fabric, grey upholstery fabric

Stone parquet

Stratford natural

Tartan crimson wool

Tartan mint wool

Tartan mustard wool

Tartan sage wool

taupe plain fabric, beige upholstery fabric

Taupe plain

Tuscany ash leather

Tuscany pewter leather

Tuscany roast leather

Tuscany tan leather

Tweed Coral fabric, blush upholstery fabric

Tweed coral wool

Tweed Kelp fabric, green upholstery fabric

Tweed kelp wool

Tweed mint wool

Twill camel wool

Twill moss wool

Twill mustard wool

Varanesi coffee

Varanesi gold

Varanesi Red

Varanesi red

Varanesi seaglass

Veneto ash leather

Veneto black leather

Veneto bottle leather

Veneto dark brown leather

Veneto oxblood leather

Veneto rust leather

Veneto tan leather

Windowpane claret wool

Windowpane cream wool

Windowpane rust wool

Windowpane taupe wool

Windowpane topaz wool

wisteria storm fabric, wisteria storm upholstery fabric

Wisteria storm

Light oak traditional

Tudor brown traditional

Vintage traditional


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