Refresh your home with our new classic country house collection, The Henley.

Characterised by an understated and elegant profile, this furniture collection comprises a dining table and chairs, sideboards and dressers plus occasional pieces and a selection of mirrors.

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    Henley Round Dining Table

    SKU: HLY0011
    L115 (215) x W115 x H77cmExtension leaves sold separately.

    Henley Dining Table

    SKU: HLY0013
    Extension 2 x 45cm internal leaves hidden inside the table

    L160 (250) x W92 x H77cm

    Henley Coffee Table

    SKU: HLY0014
    Countertop Natural Oak Veneer With Elements Of Solid Wood 100% Solid Wood Legs

    W120cm x H53cm x D63cm

    Henley Mirror

    SKU: HLY0010

    Henley TV Cabinet

    SKU: HLY0009
    1 x Niche 3 x Wood DrawerW170cm x H53cm x D45cm

    Henley Highboard

    SKU: HLY0008
    2-point Lighting 7 x Wood Drawer 2 x Wood Doors + Natural Oak Veneer 1 x Wood Frame Doors

    W159cm x H117cm x D40cm

    Henley Wine Rack

    SKU: HLY0007
    2 x Wood Door + Natural Oak Veneer 2 x Wood Drawer 1 x Bottle Grate 16 Pieces

    W119cm x H140cm x D40cm

    Henley Three Bay Dresser

    SKU: HLY0006
    With 3-point Lighting 3 x Wood Frame Doors 2 x Niche 1 x Recess With ShelvesW171cm x H114cm x D39cm

    Henley Two Bay Dresser

    SKU: HLY0005
    With 4-point Lighting 2 x Wood Frame DoorsW120 x H114 x D39cm

    Henley Single Bay Dresser

    SKU: HLY0004
    With 1 Point Lighting 1 x Wood Frame Door 1 x Recess With ShelvesW69 x H114 x D39cm

    Henley Three Bay Sideboard

    SKU: HLY0003
    3 x Wood Drawer 3 x Wood Doors + Natural Oak VeneerW170 x H88 x D45cm

    Henley Two Bay Sideboard

    SKU: HLY0002
    2 x Wood Drawer 2 x Wood Doors + Natural Oak VeneerW119 x H88 x D45cm