The Old Charm furniture collection is available with a choice of fittings that compliment its style and finish. Our fittings are designed in house and are made from cast metal. To order replacement fitting please contact sales on [email protected], please provide the colour and finish of your unit and a photograph of the model. Each fitting is stained to compliment each finish.

Old Charm Fittings

Created from cast metal our authentic bespoke fittings such as the ring pull handles and snake hinges have been created specifically to compliment the style and carvings of the Old Charm collection.

Old_Charm_Snake_Hinges Old_Charm_Ring_Pull_Handles

Chatsworth Fittings

Our team designed these fittings to compliment the cleaner style of the Chatsworth collection and feature the hammered pewter effect drop handle and escutcheon plate. We also use butt hinges which add to the cleaner look.

Chatsworth_Handles Chatsworth_Escutcheon_Plate Chatsworth_Butt_Hinges