Favourite Festive Fare

Favourite Festive Fare
December 19, 2018 Lloyd
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Christmas has been creeping up on us for some time now, and it is hard to believe that it’s so close now.

I can already taste the succulent turkey, the roast vegetables, and my personal favourite: pigs in blankets! The one thing that divides a lot of people though is Brussels sprouts. In a survey in the office and warehouse, 71% of people said that they like Brussels sprouts, while 29% said that they didn’t. Perhaps it depends on how they are cooked. And with that, we bring you some of the office’s favourite festive recipes for vegetables, the turkey (or vegetarian equivalent) and the dessert!

The Vegetables

Heather recommends Brussels sprouts with chestnuts, butter or slivers of steamed carrot for a beautiful mixture of flavours, but I think Georgie has trumped that slightly with the suggestion of adding bacon to the mix! There are a great many recipes out there, and there is sure to be something to suit everyone’s taste. Unless you’re like me and don’t like Brussels sprouts at all!

Georgie also gave some good tips for crispy roast potatoes:

Cut them up and part boil them. While they are boiling heat the tray with goose fat, dried wild thyme, fresh thyme and garlic. Fluff the potatoes and put them in the baking hot tray so they sizzle, turn and put in the oven. Turn at 20 mins and then again if needed.  Perfectly crispy outside and lovely and soft inside.

For more of a Caribbean Christmas, why not try a Jamaican recipe? Heather suggested using boiled yams, green bananas and dumplings.

The Main

I am a great traditionalist, and will always go for turkey on Christmas day. But it doesn’t have to be boring – once again there are plenty of variations to give you a bird full of flavour. You can fill the turkey cavity with stuffing, whether it be classic sage and onion or something more exciting like prune and chestnut or ginger and apricot (all can be found on the BBC Good Food website).

For the vegetarians, a vegetarian nut roast pie with cranberries gives plenty of flavour, and also looks the part in the centre of the table. (Once again, this can be found on the BBC Good Food site).

The Dessert

This is my favourite part! I love a Christmas pudding, or a mince pie, or a yule log! But Julie has suggested chocolate and walnut cake. Ensure your walnuts are finely chopped, to get the walnut flavour permeating throughout the cake. It is very quick and easy to make, but tastes delicious! Serve warm with vanilla ice cream or double cream (if you still have room after dinner!).

Deveron insists on having brandy butter with his Christmas pudding, whereas Vicky is happy with just brandy! I prefer simple whipped double cream or hot custard, and Russell enjoys all of the above mixed together! Each to their own, I suppose.

So however you choose to do Christmas, you can find plenty of festive food inspiration to make this year the best Christmas yet!