The Faces Behind the Furniture: Lloyd – Sales

The Faces Behind the Furniture: Lloyd – Sales
March 2, 2019 Lloyd
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The Tables have Turned! Lloyd – Sales

By now I’m sure you know how this blog series works – each month I choose a colleague from a different department and ask them a variety of questions, giving you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes and what makes people tick. But this time I found myself sat in the hot seat, with Lisa asking the questions!

How long have you been at Wood Bros, and what is your job here?

One year and one month. Not long compared to the rest of you!

I help with sales, looking after customers and the showroom, digital and social media, and events such as our factory sales. I am also the office feeder – I am always bringing in chocolates or cakes!

I’m a bit of a technophobe, so explain to me how Social Media fits in the business

Social media is a huge tool, used by billions of people worldwide. It really gives us a chance to connect and engage with our followers, whether that’s customers or retailers. It is really important to have a good online presence these days, and so working on social media gets our brand out there and provides plenty of channels for people to get in touch with us.

What do you enjoy about working here?

The creative side of the job is great – I enjoy creating new content for social media, coming up with new ideas – I am a generally creative person so this really suits me. I also like interacting with customers. I enjoy chatting, and really like to hear their feedback.

When you’re not at Wood Bros, what do you like doing?

I love to play music! I play the ukulele, and run the Ware Ukulele Group. I also go to a lot of open mic nights and perform all over Hertfordshire. I actually own loads of instruments:

47 ukuleles, 2 mandolins, 30 kazoos, melodica, kalimba, bodhran, 2 cajons, a 5-string banjo, harmonicas, dulcimer, jews harp, drum kit, hulusi, keyboard, trumpet, bugle, recorder, violin, flute, saxophone, penny whistle, electric guitar, 2 accordions and various bits of percussion! I still haven’t learnt to play them all at the same time though!

My other love is Creme Eggs. I don’t know what it is about them, but they just hit the spot. So far this year I have bought over 100! (I haven’t eaten them all, I still have around 60 in my drawer at work!)


*I asked Lloyd if he was stranded on a desert island, what would he choose – ukulele or Creme Eggs? He refused to answer!*

If you were putting on a concert, who would you have performing with you?

Definitely George Formby – I am a huge fan! I’d love to have the Milk Carton Kids (Yeah, I had to Google them too – Lisa), the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and Steam Powered Giraffe (Had to Google them as well!). I think I’ll stick with those for now, otherwise we’ll be here all day!

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I would love to go to Hawaii – it looks like your typical tropical paradise! I’m not sure they’d let me back out though – I would probably have twice my own bodyweight in ukuleles!

Another place I would love to go to is Iceland – I am always warm and I thrive in cold weather. The scenery is beautiful and it is not too warm.

Also Switzerland – again, incredible scenery, a really laid-back lifestyle from what I understand, and of course yodelling!

Thanks Lloyd! Now you know how it feels to be interrogated for the blog!

Thank you Lisa for asking the questions this month. It felt strange being on the other side! Keep your eyes peeled for next month’s edition, and thanks for reading!

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What a poser!