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Dine in Luxury with our New Upholstered Chairs

Dine in Luxury with our New Upholstered Chairs
October 1, 2019 Lloyd
In Design, Dining

The Best in Comfort and Style

The dining room is a gathering place for a family. Bleary-eyed breakfasts in the mornings before heading out to work or school. Reconvening in the evening to share the day’s events and troubles over a hot meal. This really is where people come together, so why should it be any less important, stylish or comfortable than any other part of your home?

Beat Boring

Our new Upholstered Dining Chairs are not your run-of-the-mill pieces. These are beautifully constructed and well designed items that are both visually stunning and delightfully comfortable. Even better than that, though, is that you can select any fabric and any colour from the accompanying swatch on any design of chair for one price. Four models are available: Atticus, Bronte, Darcy and Heathcliffe.

Wood Bros Upholstered Dining Chair Gallery
Wood Bros Upholstered Dining Chairs

Fitting In

These chairs are not just designed to look beautiful around your table, but also to fit in with the rest of our Sofa Collection. Take a look at the Atticus chair for example. This is effectively the Pickering made into a dining chair, giving you the same level of comfort and traditional feel. The buttoned and pleated back is curved which envelops you as you sit. The Atticus also features a similar fabric roll around the back and scroll along the top.

The same matching effect can be created with the Darcy Dining Chair, which complements our Blakeney Armchair and Sofa perfectly. The Darcy features a fluted channel back and a piped outside back and seat. Once again the curved enveloping back shape guarantees a comfortable sit.

The Heathcliff is a simpler design featuring a raised back and open gap between the back and seat pads, giving a lighter and more modern feel. The studding around the back gives a classic twist to the design, and the curved back ensures a comfortable sit with plenty of back support.

Last but not least is the Bronte, with a simple and elegant wing-shaped back. With a delicate fabric roll around the back, piped outside back and seat and its square cut cabriole legs, this chair is refined and stylish.

Customise your Chairs

We have a great selection of wools for these new chairs from both Abraham Moon and Harris Tweed, as well as 4 wood colours so you can really make them your own. The Atticus can also have contrasting leather buttons to make a style statement. Best of all, no matter which you choose, it will be just one price!

View them now!

These chairs are currently on trial in just two places – Barkers of Northallerton and our Ware showroom. Why not visit and try them for yourself? We love them and we’re confident you will too.

Atticus Dining Chair
Wood Bros Dining Chair Gallery