How to Create a Mood Board

How to Create a Mood Board
September 12, 2019 Lloyd
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Elly visits Morris & Co

We like to maintain close relationships with our suppliers, as we believe it can help pass the best experience on to our customers. It means that we are knowledgeable on where and how our fabrics are produced which helps you to make a more informed decision. With this in mind, Elly our fabric buyer, went on a trip to Style Library HQ for the Morris Takeover Week.

After a fascinating walk through the Morris archives dating back to the 1860s, freelance stylist and designer Sara Bird spoke to her about creating an interior design mood board. This is an essential tool in communicating a visual idea to a customer or client.

Constructing a mood board

To create a mood board that is effective and functional, make sure that it covers these points:

  • Customer is very important (obviously!) – understand what they want and what their style is
    • For example, Classic, Contemporary, Country, Simple, Ethnic Traveller, Boho Blend etc.
  • Add a photo to the board to use as inspiration
  • Work up a colour pallette
  • Layer up upholstery fabric, key artwork, wallpaper or paint colours, flooring, furniture, accessories and trimmings such as curtain ties
  • Think about the variety of textures for visual interest
  • Be mindful of seasonality – the colour palette and patterns should work throughout the year

To the right is a picture of Elly’s interpretation of a mood board, with the theme being Country Bohemian Blend. Speaking about the choices she says:

I am a maximalist at heart and so was in my element selecting from the huge variety of Morris & Co fabrics and wallpapers. I chose greens, blush pinks, greys and deep magenta to create a warm, relaxed yet sophisticated palette for my favourite interior style “smart country.” I also combined sumptuous velvets, textured weaves and embroidery with lots of botanical patterns as a nod to William Morris himself.

Thanks to the Morris & Co Team, and especially to Sara Bird for a truly inspiring day!

Why you should create a mood board

A mood board really can help to get your ideas together. Seeing colours together on a page helps you to decide what works (and what doesn’t!). It also gives you something to take with you when you go shopping to find accessories or decor that fits in with your ideas.

If you are more tech-savvy, Pinterest is a very useful website that allows you to create a board online. You can pin your own ideas as well as those from other people to create a digital mood board that you can access from anywhere. You can even see the boards that other people have created to help you decide! If you are a member of Pinterest, you can follow us here.

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Elly mood board Room Plan

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