A Brief History of Wood Bros

A Brief History of Wood Bros
June 18, 2016 Ken Savage
In Heritage

Wood Bros (Furniture) LTD was founded in 1924 by Mr H.W. Wood MBE (or ‘HW’ as he was known to all). A family company which, with it’s wide and varied past of innovation, design and hard work, diversified into many interesting niche areas.

Coming from a long line of accomplished cabinetmakers, HW loved the strength and character of oak, the material that had built English power from its navy, buildings and homes since the 15th century. He chose oak timber, perfect for construction, to create the Old Charm collection of fine traditional furniture with its rich and decorative carvings and motifs.

Other timbers and materials like glass fibre and plastics later caught his imagination for making unusual and niche products. Prestigious contracts of national importance were earned on the great ocean-going transatlantic liners of the 1960s.

Success followed his endeavours, which were driven by his belief in surrounding oneself with beauty combined with function. His favourite quote was the William Morris golden rule ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’

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