Planning the Layout of your Living Space

Having the right furniture at home is important, but if your living space layout is not well thought through then the benefits of your beautiful wooden bureau or character oak coffee table can be lost. To make sure your furniture always sings and your living spaces are as relaxing and welcoming as they can be, we’ve compiled a short guide to help. Read through our suggestions for planning your living space layout and take your home’s interior to the next level. Make a plan One of the best ways to start planning your home's living space layout is to do just that - make a plan. Measure your space and draw out the dimensions to give you a clear idea of the scale you are working with. You can also make cutouts of the main pieces of...

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lICHFIELD dining set Old Charm, free dining chair

Summer Promotion – Free Dining Chair

Wood Bros Free Dining Chair Promotion is now underway.. this summer get a free chair with every dining set! The way it works is when you buy four or more dining chairs with any dining table you will get one of your matching chairs for free. The offer applies to current Old Charm, Chatsworth, Frame and Oskar collections. To view the Dining Collections on offer click here.... and to view all dining room furniture click here... In order to get your free dining chair, simply call and/or visit one of our stockists across the UK to order your dining set and mention the promotion. Simply Visit our "Find A Stockist" page and run a search for your nearest stockist. For any queries please call our customer services department on 01920 469241. Entertain in style this Summer 17 To read more about the promotion terms and conditions click...

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scottish interiors showcase

Which features to look for in traditional accent chairs

At Wood Bros we understand that you want your home to reflect your personality and accent furniture is a great way to do this. Put a piece of accent furniture in any room and it will add a touch of excitement, any piece that has an element of distinctive style or vibrant colour will do this. Watch your visitors' eyes as they immediately pick out your carefully placed piece of accent furniture, they will be envious of your sense of style and design. Your accent piece may be in a style or colour that jars with the rest of your room, but this doesn't matter, it is the sense of the dramatic that you are after. At Wood Bros we especially love giving advice about these vibrant pieces and have a wealth of furniture experience...

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‘Behind the Scenes ’ – On Location with Wood Bros

With just a few weeks to go before the latest additions to the Wood Bros accent chairs and compact sofas collection hit the stores, the Wood Bros marketing team are hard at work, creative juices flowing, producing the imagery that will go to make up the marketing materials for stockists and customers alike. The location for the shoot is a drafty old 18th century laundry in the back streets of Hackney in London. The minimalist venue, with exposed brick walls, provided the perfect backdrop for the production team to create the mood we were looking for. An early start was had by all, and with a very ambitious “shot list”, it was always going to be a challenge to get the job done but the multi-talented Wood Bros team had it all under...

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Quality by Design for Today’s Living

"Quality by Design" is our mantra. We are a family business, which has been around for over 90 years, specialising in the design and manufacture of quality furniture. As such, design is at the heart of everything we do. Our designers continue to evolve our cabinet and sofa collections in style and function to match today’s living.Old Charm Collection The ‘Old Charm Collection’ made from oak is still a popular choice for many interiors due to its durability and hard open grain, which is ideal for the rigours of domestic use as well as for delicate carving. Traditional carving motifs used on Old Charm furniture include linenfold panels, stylized Gothic arches, cactus flowers and the ornate bulbous leg (pictured) to name a few. Each carving has its own unique history.Authentic bespoke fittings such as the ring...

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Wood Bros Square Logo

A Brief History of Wood Bros

Our History The history of Wood Bros (Furniture) LTD stretches back to its foundation in 1924 by Mr H.W. Wood MBE (or ‘HW’ as he was known to all). A family company which, with it’s wide and varied past of innovation, design and hard work, diversified into many interesting niche areas. History of Cabinetmakers Coming from a long line of accomplished cabinetmakers, HW loved the strength and character of oak, the material that had built English power from its navy, buildings and homes since the 15th century. He chose oak timber, perfect for construction, to create the Old Charm collection of fine traditional furniture with its rich and decorative carvings and motifs. History of Prestigious Contracts Other timbers and materials like glass fibre and plastics later caught his imagination for making unusual and niche products. Prestigious contracts of national importance...

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Over 90 Years of Craftsmanship and Still Innovating

For over 90 years Wood Bros has been perfecting the art of traditional cabinet-making. From the iconic Tudor-inspired Old Charm Collection, to the classic country style of the Chatsworth Collection and the more recent stylish Sofa Collections, Wood Bros sees innovation and design as the key to its success.Our 10th decade is an appropriate milestone for the next exciting development in the evolution of Wood Bros and Old Charm. We feel that choice, quality and availability are increasingly important.Choice Our current strategy sees a significant increase in the choice of collections, furnishings and  finishes available. For example, our Old Charm collection is now available in ten different finishes and our five authentic colours are now all available in either the traditional finish or our distressed heritage finish.Quality The lifetime guarantee is the ultimate expression of our confidence in the...

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