10 Year Guarantee / Upholstery Guarantee

We offer a 10 year guarantee on all Wood Bros upholstery (sofas and accent chairs). Conditions apply, as follows:


The 10 year guarantee covers all frames, springs and upgraded pocket sprung cushion interiors, subject to normal wear and tear when in a domestic environment.

Upholstery fabrics, irrespective of grade, and all cushion interiors, are guaranteed for 2 years under normal domestic use caused by faulty workmanship or materials.

Any issue arising after 2 years from the date of purchase will be subject to a pro-rata charge.

This Wood Bros guarantee is specific to the Purchaser, who has been named on the Online Registration Form for the original purchase of the goods or within 2 years of the purchasers death. The Purchaser includes the purchaser’s spouse.

The guarantee is subject to the completion of the Online Registration Form within 14 days from delivery. Unregistered furniture will be subject to 2 years cover.


Due to the variety of fibre and fabric constructions used, we recommend that you use a professional cleaning company for your sofa. Alternatively you can seek advice from the store where you purchased your furniture.

Covers should never be machine washed or dry cleaned by a launderette as this can damage the fire retardant treatments, fade colours and affect the finish of the fabrics. Where zips are fitted, this is often to assist manufacture and does not necessarily mean the cover is removable for cleaning.

Seat Cushions

All cushions should be turned and interchanged regularly to distribute wear. Feather or fibre cushions especially should be plumped up daily and their position interchanged to maintain their appearance and to give the fillings a chance to recover.

All seat cushion cores will soften with normal use and will conform to the shape of the user, this shall be considered normal wear and tear and shall not be considered a loss of resiliency or a material manufacturing defect.

Wherever possible, ensure all seats receive equal use. All fixed cushions and arm pads should have creases smoothed out daily to maintain their look and shape.

Fibre filled cushions are normally used in sofas where a soft sit and a casual “lived in appearance” are key features of the design. To help maintain their comfort and appearance, these cushions should be dressed in a similar way as feather pillows, on a daily basis they need to be plumped up.

Please be aware that the firmness of the seat’s ‘sit’ will vary dependent on the fabric on the seat cover. For example; a wool fabric will naturally stretch further that an acrylic / polyester mix fabric.

Creases and Shading

Chenille has a raised pile which sometimes creates different shades when the pile is brushed in one direction or another. All direct contact areas may be affected and can show light or dark shading. This is not a fault but rather a normal characteristic of this type of fabric. Gentle application of a clean, damp cloth to raise the pile, followed by brushing the pile back in the direction of its ‘lay’ when dry, may limit the visual effect of the creases. Do not soak the fabric as this may cause the cotton-backing to shrink.


Claims under the guarantee must be made by the original purchaser (or spouse) Purchase must be from new and from an approved Wood Bros stockist.

Each piece of Wood Bros furniture will comply with the standards laid down by the Company.

Should any complaint arise it will be dealt with quickly and to a satisfactory conclusion either by means of repair or by other necessary methods, so that the Company’s quality standards are upheld.

Any consumer who feels that a complaint has not been dealt with in a satisfactory way, may contact the furniture trade’s arbitration scheme via ‘The Furniture Ombudsman’ and Wood Bros agree to comply with any conclusion reached thereby. ‘The Furniture Ombudsman’ may be contacted at ‘The Furniture Ombudsman’ Furnishing Standards, Maxwell Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 2EW.

Should a consumer place an order with an approved Wood Bros stockist who ceases trading before the order is delivered to them, Wood Bros will undertake to supply the order to the consumer at the price agreed with the stockist (for which there should be a written quotation) less the amount of any deposit paid to the stockist, up to a maximum of 10% of the total value of the order.

Wood Bros undertake not to use materials which are environmentally harmful; to comply with government legislation concerning the use of raw materials; and in particular to ensure that all timbers used are from sustainable sources.

This Wood Bros guarantee is offered and administered by Wood Bros (Furniture) Ltd

This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.