Wood Bros Factory Outlet

Please come and visit our Factory Outlet to view a great selection of clearance items across furniture and upholstery. These items are ex-display, returns and seconds.

Depending what’s convenient, you can either collect the items (Mon-Fri only) or we can arrange delivery to a location of your choice (mainland UK) for an additional fee.

Please ensure you visit the factory outlet and view the items as all products are sold as seen. All items are ex-display, seconds or returns. If you are looking for new furniture in a specific fabric or finish then please visit your local retailer.

For information simply email us at wbfo@woodbros.co.uk or alternatively call us on 01920469241.

Our Wood Bros Factory Outlet is situated in Ware.

Wood Bros
Marsh Lane
London Road
SG12 9QH

Wood Bros Factory Outlet Clearance List

Last Updated: 2016-12-14 14:41:51

ModelDescriptionNotesConditionWood FinishFabricQtyRRPWBFOView ImageSOLD
HEM260/LTHemsby Medium SofaEx ShowroomEx ShowroomLight OakLoxley Pastel Plain11269639VIEW
BLK140/VTBlakeney ArmchairEx ShowroomEx ShowroomVintageCowes Nautic1839419VIEW
BLK140/VTBlakeney ArmchairEx ShowroomEx ShowroomVintageCowes Nautic1839419
BRN200/LTBurnham CompactEx ShowroomEx ShowroomLight OakLoxley Pebble11489759VIEW
BRN140:ACC112Burnham Armchair & FootstoolEx ShowroomEx ShowroomLight OakTuscany Pewter11588789VIEW
BRN140/FTBurnham ArmchairEx ShowroomEx ShowroomFumed OakWentworth Smoke/Tuscany Pewter1969489VIEWSOLD
BRN140/LTBurnham ArmchairEx ShowroomEx ShowroomLight OakLoxley Pastel Plain1829579VIEW
HEM260/LTHemsby MediumEx ShowroomEx ShowroomLight OakCowes Nautic11399699VIEW
HEM290/LTHemsby LargeDiscontinuedNearly NewLight OakLoxley Pastel Stripe11799899VIEW
HEM290/WXHemsby LargeEx ShowroomEx ShowroomWaxedCowes Nautic11649829VIEW
HEM290/WXHemsby LargeEx ShowroomEx ShowroomWaxedTuscany Ash121591269VIEW
LAV111/FTLavenham Bench StoolEx ShowroomEx ShowroomFumed OakHanover1549279VIEW
LAV111/CNLavenham Bench StoolEx ShowroomEx ShowroomCornManor Sepia1549279VIEW
LAV111BTLavenham Bench StoolPrototypeNewTudor BrownHarlequin Ruby1569289VIEW
LAV230:LAV111Lavenham Love Seat & Bench StoolDiscontinuedNewFlaxenKashmir121281069VIEW
LAV260/CTLavenham MediumEx ShowroomEx ShowroomChestnutTuscany Tan119491269VIEWSOLD
LAV290/LTLavenham LargeEx ShowroomEx ShowroomLight OakSubway12529979
WEY140/CTWeybourne ArmchairDiscontinuedNewChestnutBaxter Amber1869439VIEW
WEY140/CTWeybourne ArmchairEx ShowroomEx ShowroomChestnutHanover1869439VIEW
WEY140/FXWeybourne ArmchairEx ShowroomEx ShowroomFlaxenTuscany Tan11389699VIEWSOLD
WEY200/LTWeybourne CompactDiscontinuedNewLight OakBaxter Amber11319659VIEW
WEY200/CTWeybourne CompactEx ShowroomEx ShowroomChestnutMoulton Amber11319659VIEW
WEY200/FXWeybourne CompactEx ShowroomEx ShowroomFlaxenTuscany Tan120891049VIEW
WEY200/VTWeybourne CompactEx ShowroomEx ShowroomVintageZanzibar11449729VIEW
WEY290/LTWeybourne LargeDiscontinuedNewLight OakMansion Amber11769889VIEW
WEY290/LTWeybourne LargeDiscontinuedNewLight OakMansion Beige11769889VIEW
WEY290/VTWeybourne LargeEx ShowroomEx ShowroomVintageZanzibar Plain11559809VIEW